Sunday, September 25, 2011


Not a lot of people review short stories, so I want to express my special thanks to the bloggers who took the time to read -- and write about -- my short story, LANA HALLIDAY. If you'd like a review copy yourself, just let me know, or it is 99-cents on Amazon.

Wendy at Minding Spot said:
"The characters are quirky and likable, and the story is well-paced and cleverly crafted. I loved it!"

Anachronist from Books as Portable Pieces of Thought said:
"Lana Halliday was a girl after my own heart -- clever, devious, not afraid of getting dirty, always there when her friend needs her the most."

Jen at Jenaissance said:
"Lana's that girl we all want to be -- she knows what she's got, she's not afraid to use it, and she does it all with style.  She manages the men with such efficiency that not only do they not notice, they think they're the ones pulling the strings."

Thanks Wendy, Anachronist and Jen!


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Anachronist said...

The pleasure was mine - thank you for sending it my way!