I am... hmmm...
A misanthrope who is full of hope?
A romantic who still can't quite manage to write an unequivocally happy ending?
This is what I look like, anyway, on a good day:

And this is what I look like with wings:

I love being outside, in the woods and wild places, though I sometimes wish they were air-conditioned. I love being in salt water, but I hate the sand. I spend most of my time reading and writing -- because hey, that's my job -- but I also go fossil hunting now and then, or try to find a Danish Modern treasure hiding in a junk shop.

I write everything, or if I haven't yet, I will. My published work includes middle grade fantasy; young adult fantasy, historical, and historical fantasy; and adult action/adventure/romance. Still waiting to find the perfect home are a YA contemporary with a male protagonist, and a flippantly literary adult comedy. I'll write everything else, eventually.

I adore every single one of you who has ever read a word I've written.


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