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Praise for Under the Green Hill

 "This, Ms. Sullivan’s first novel, bodes well for her future. The gripping plot involves bringing off a convincing junction between reality and the magic world of Beyond, and this difficult task she carries out... stylishly. A second merit is her creation of believable characters. She can tell a story, all right. Let’s hope for more, and soon. -- Richard Adams
Author of Watership Down, Maia and Shardik

"Laura L. Sullivan has created a work of beauty. She writes with
power, grace, with well-researched attention to detail, and in so
doing brings to life a fascinating and sometimes scary world full of
the most unbelievable, yet somehow very real, beings." --
Francisco X. Stork  Author of Marcelo in the Real World and The Last Summer of the Death Warriors

By Laura L. Sullivan
Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-0312551490

When six American children are sent to England to escape a plague they find themselves plunged in the middle of a fairy war.

Rowan, Meg, Silly and James Morgan are sent to the home of a distant relative in rural England. They are joined by their brilliant, bashful friend Dickie Rhys, and the despised Finn Fachan.

First they scoff at the country traditions – never give your real name to strangers, don’t step on the ants – but soon realize those silly superstitions are deadly serious. They help protect people from fairy influence. Their great-great aunt Phyllida Ash is the Guardian of the Green Hill, the last bastion of fairies in England.

Rowan, the eldest, is chosen to be one of the champions in the Midsummer War. His options are grim: kill his opponent, a beloved friend, or die himself as sacrifice. His sister Meg thinks she sees a way out, but will she risk her life and the fate of the earth itself to change a ritual that has gone on for thousands of years?