Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Artistic Temperament FREE on Amazon Dec. 5-9

Free Dec. 5-9 on Amazon -- my funny short story AN ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENT -- featuring another favorite character of mine, Cyril Payne, who might have stepped out of a Saki story.

Here is the Amazon description:

AN ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENT is another quirky comedy from children's author Laura L. Sullivan. Though intended for adults, it features a sixteen year old girl as one of its central characters.

Cyril Payne, one of society's most delightful parasites, is staying at the seaside at his friend's expense. Though he'd much prefer to lounge in the shade and nibble at plums, he leaps languidly to the rescue when his friend announces he is bored. Cyril lights upon a sheltered teenaged girl and begins to spin his web of meddling machinations. Before long, the poor girl finds herself in a sauna with a dead body. Will she be scarred for life, or embark on a new career?

With echoes of Saki and Wodehouse, AN ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENT is a quick, clever romp that introduces one of Ms. Sullivan's favorite characters, Cyril Payne.

You can get your very own free copy here.

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