Sunday, September 11, 2011

I want to cuddle everything!

Now I know why my cat goes through two cups of cat food every night -- he has a friend!

And another two cups in the daytime -- he has to share with the neighbor's chickens.

Isn't this baby opossum just adorable? I have a cuddling compulsion, and this little guy was so fearless I was tempted to try to tame him. But no, I was good and controlled myself. No more interfering with nature. Just feeding it sometimes, accidentally.

I'm trying to remember to take pictures of interesting things for you. Yesterday I saved a tiny newborn ringneck snake who somehow invaded my closet (or hatched there?!?) and got himself hopelessly tangled in cobwebs and cat hair. Which tells you something about my housekeeping. Anyway, after an hour of work with my tweezers and a couple of makeup brushes (very delicate work!) I freed him and got to play with him and let him go, fully rehabilitated. Do you know, they're apparently mildly venomous, but they're rear fanged and so docile that they never get included with the other venomous snakes. Silly me, I didn't take a photo of him, but this is what he looked like, about the size of an emaciated worm. (Someone else's snake, and someone else's hand, but a reasonable re-enactment of my adventure.)



Julia Karr said...

I totally <3 you, Laura!

Airah Fae said...

This is great! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I love it!

MJS said...

We had one in Guatemala named Percy.

Laura L. Sullivan said...

Back atcha, Julia!
I just read the first chapter of XVI on your web site, and I HAVE to read more now! Off to Amazon to order!