Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Ani DiFranco Fantasy

Lee's writing is very good and thoughtful, full of rich stories, details and characterizations. If you are looking for something different, not your typical romance and like the meandery feel of storytelling, then you would probably like this book. I found while reading this that I wanted to listen to Ani DiFranco music.”

Ani DiFranco! Thank you, Coreena, for giving me a new fantasy. I've always dreamed of having Brightwing made into a movie (it is the most cinematic thing I've written) and imagined who might play the lead roles. Now I know exactly who I'd want to do the soundtrack. You're so right, Coreena – Ani DiFranco would be absolutely perfect.

Ani DiFranco's music provided the soundtrack for my college years, the hymns of my age of discovery, the anthem for a love affair that haunts me still. Oh, if she could ever write songs for Lucy and Edgar and Mallory's twisted triangle of devotion and violence and solace...

I interviewed Ani DiFranco for my first official writing assignment, for the Cornell Daily Sun. She was at the time the most exciting person I'd ever met, indie before anyone knew what indie was, exuberantly, lyrically left, with words that clutched me and a voice that rent me. Yeah, I probably had a little crush on her. I became a fan of her early music – Imperfectly is my favorite album. But I tend to get stuck in musical eras and never advance. Funny, if I have a favorite author I always rush to get their new book, but with a musician, I stick to whatever songs I first discover. So I know none of Ani DiFranco's post-2000 work. Are any of you fans? I'm going to pick up a couple of CDs at her Righteous Babe Records web site, and I'd love to hear which albums are your favorites.



Coreena McBurnie said...

Thanks for the kind words. This is the first time I read a book and thought of particular music, so I am glad you agree. Imperfectly was my first favorite Ani DiFranco as well!

Jaye Robin Brown said...

I'm a big Ani fan. Saw her perform at Telluride Blue Grass Festival and when she walked out on stage she just started giggling.

"I just flew in from NYC and this place, well this place, it's like stupid beautiful."

Not A Pretty Girl is my favorite album.