Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GUARDIAN OF THE GREEN HILL is released today!

Should I pretend I'm all jaded and blasé that my second book is releasing today, or should I admit that I've spent the whole morning communicating exclusively in squeals and giggles, with a big silly grin on my face? Actually, I get like that every time I realize I've actually been published, that you can find my books in bookstores, that kids have curled up under the covers with their flashlights, refusing to go to bed because they have to read one more chapter of Under the Green Hill.

Now, O glorious day, the sequel, Guardian of the Green Hill, is out! Authors are never supposed to ask you to buy their books (so gauche!) but between you and me, I'd really love it if you bought a copy of Guardian. Or checked it out of the library. You'll like it, because it has:

  • Fairies (of course!)
  • Danger, deception, murder, grief
  • Puppy love (to make all that bad stuff better)
  • Brave and noble, terrified and confused Meg Morgan
  • The deliciously nasty (but ultimately lovable) Finn Fachan
  • A talking goat
  • The return of the learned Wyrm
  • A lovely two-tailed demon cat
  • An insane artist
  • A pig-snouted giant
  • The terrible, shocking, unexpected death of a favorite character (and I'm not telling!)

You don't have to read the first book to enjoy Guardian of the Green Hill. All you need to know is that the Morgan children and a couple of their friends went to England and got caught in a fairy war. Now that Meg has emerged victorious, she is faced with the terrible responsibility of taking over for her great-great-aunt Phyllida, the Guardian who mediates between the worlds of humans and fairies. But a wicked relative wants to steal the Guardian's power, and targets Meg.

You can buy it here:

Or you can ask your favorite bookseller to order it for you (if it isn't already on the shelves) which is my personal favorite method!


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Anachronist said...

Congratulation - it sounds very nice!