Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Three Selves

I've introduced myself... now it's time to introduce my three selves.

I was thinking about having three entirely separate names for my writing – the real me (or real-ish me) and two secret identities. But that would be way too much work, and if I know anything about myself, it's that I'm fundamentally lazy. Plus, it would feel a little dishonest. I want to connect with readers, be friends with fellow writers... and I can envision the day someone would be cattily gossiping with one “me” about another “me.”

I wouldn't at all mind finding out that two favorite writers were the same person. That's just business.
I would mind discovering that two of my friends were the same person. That's, well, personal.

So I decided everything should be completely transparent.

Under my real name, Laura L. Sullivan, I write traditionally published fiction for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers. My first two books (MG – Under the Green Hill and Guardian of the Green Hill) are with Henry Holt Books for Young readers. My next books (YA – Ladies in Waiting and Delusion) will be with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

But I write a lot. I mean, a LOT. In a lot of different genres. So for various reasons (which I'm sure I'll talk about later) I need pseudonyms.

And for various reasons (ditto) I'll be self-publishing books under those names.

Sullivan Lee is not for kids. Sullivan Lee books will feature criminals, cannibals, cops, es-ee-ex, vee-aye-oh-el-ee-en-see-ee (I'm actually in favor of both of those things, one more than the other, but I promised my agent I'd keep this blog's content more or less kid friendly. Don't worry, I'll raunch it up once she's not looking.)

Sullivan Lee's debut will be Brightwing – a criminal love story. Two escaped criminals – one a gentlemanly thief, the other a sociopath – take a girl hostage in the Everglades, not knowing she's (among other things) a thief fresh from her own heist. It will be out in a couple of weeks.

LuLu Sullivan will write everything else. Eva Ibbotson-type historical romances. Fantasy. Contemporary, comic, boy-centered YA. Light and funny women's fiction. I'll start with some short stories, maybe a novella, and probably have a novel out early next year.

The beautiful thing is, I'm all of these people. LuLu is a childhood nickname, and years in law enforcement got me used to being called by my last name (or Sully) so I'll answer to all of them. Under my real name, I can do what publishers and agents (and maybe readers?) love – brand myself. (Ow! What would I be, the Lazy L?) But I can still write the many and diverse stories which insist that they must be written. (You know how demanding stories are.)

Sigh. It's a good life.

Next time – a book giveaway!

Laura (or LuLu, or Sully)

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