Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Next FREEBIE -- SF Short Story LARVAL

My next FREE story is the science fiction short, LARVAL. It will be free Nov. 20-24.

In LARVAL, two recent graduates with mountains of debt and grim prospects meet two girls who claim that humans are larval stages which, on earth, never undergo metamorphosis. The girls are refugees who want to keep their fleshy bodies all their lives instead of changing into all-knowing energy creatures like the rest of their species.

One of the human men – a workaday scientist stuck in a dead-end job of ceaseless pipetting – thinks metamorphosis is a wonderful idea. But when he passes himself off as one of the escapees to a bounty hunter, he finds that becoming an intergalactic creature of immense power isn't as good as it sounds. LARVAL is a dark, insightful tale for science fiction fans.

You can get LARVAL for FREE here on Amazon.

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