Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some Short Stories -- This One About SQUID!

I'm making some of my short stories available in e-book format. Some of them have been previously published in magazines like Story Quarterly, GUD, and others, some have been published under my nickname and are now being restored to my real name, and other are completely new and never before published.

Here is the cover of one of them, A MAN OF KIRI MARU, designed by yours truly. What do you think? I'm still finessing my Photoshop skills, so if you have any ideas for improving it, let me know. Ditto any of the copy. The nice thing about e-books is that they are easy to tweak.

A MAN OF KIRI MARU is for ADULTS. It's not that kind of adult book, but it does have sensuality, danger, and mature situations.

Here is the blurb:

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, bathed by the Humboldt currents, lies the island of Kiri Maru. It is a strange and lovely place, where time is so fluid that days and nights merge, but the hours of a new moon are never remembered. The natives had a god once, but he died in a drunken fall. Now the islanders live on luck, generated by the manner of a person's death. Being ripped apart by a wild animal is considered very lucky indeed.

To this island comes a scientist, searching for the elusive giant squid. Instead he finds love in the arms of a young woman, the daughter of a man of Kiri Maru and an American anthropologist.

She ensnares him, body and soul, and wants to bear his child. But first he must become a man of Kiri Maru himself... if the Red Brothers will accept him. Who are the Red Brothers? The man-sized Humboldt squid who haunt the local waters, and are said to be so jealous of human men that they sometimes... well, you'll see.

A MAN OF KIRI MARU is available at Amazon at the moment, and will be available at Barnes and Noble soon.


Maureen said...

I don't know why, but I love the complete "out-there"ness of it all! (Cover, plot, everything). Good luck with this! :-)

Laura L. Sullivan said...

Hi Maureen -- glad you like the sound of it! It is a kind of strange story. If you'd like a free copy, let me know what format (Kindle, epub, pdf) and where to send it.